Common Home Window Problems And How To Fix Them

A window is an opening in a wall that allows the passage of light, air, and sound. There are many home window problems which include broken window seals, poor insulation. Windows that are not correctly installed and have cracks. The need for windows in the house is basic because they facilitate the entry of natural light indoors, and they help keep the house cross-ventilated. In addition, the windows let us feel less confined. Even in a small room, they don’t let us feel confined. There is always a solution for a problem similar to home windows sometimes, and there’s also a solution to fix them. ‘Window replacement near me’ tabs on google also helps in my case regarding home window problems.

Problems And Their Solutions

Faulty windows

Windows that are physically damaged and contain visible rotting decay and moulds must be replaced as soon as possible. Broken windows or broken window frames and expanding glasses are a sign of faulty windows. If your window doesn’t close quickly, then it is undoubtedly faulty. Debris, shifting foundation, humidity, wood wrapping, and damaged parts cause faulty windows. The way by which this faulty window can be fixed is that they need to be replaced. If you find any sort of problem further, you can always go for a search like “window replacement near me” on the internet.

Drafty windows 

When the glazing putty grows brittle and falls away, leaving the glass rattling, then the windows start feeling drafty. The drafty windows can be fixed when you lock your windows and apply them to the weatherstrip. Secondly, when weatherproofing your exterior doors lose window pants using physical barriers on drafty doors and letting your window treatment are also ways to fix drafty windows. Moreover, applying temporary caulk to drafty windows.


Security can be made as window locks. Several types of locks can be purchased, including pin locks that prevent strangers from lifting your windows. Key locks are also present. In this case, the person will require a key to open the lock before entering. You can also install the reinforced glass and windows security bars. Window alarms can also be used.

Broken or foggy glass 

Foggy glasses are also a problem. They can be repaired using the defogging process. It also helps improve visibility in your windows. You can also use a defogging spray in this situation. People also faced broken glass problems at home. In case of a cracked window, the tape can be used, and we can fix it temporarily. The broken window glass also can be covered with thick plastic. A staple gun can also be used while securing the plastic edges to a wooden window frame.

Damaged window screen 

The damaged window glass can be repaired even if it is still in the frame while replacing the broken glass with the new one. The height should be measured, the width and the opening of your pan, and even the thickness should be observed. Accordingly, the home improvement stores will cut the glass to order.

Inadequate insulation 

The homes which are poorly insulated can have many effects. This includes damp and moulds the wall. The window insulation can be improved using window insulation film that creates insulation barriers between the interior of our windows. Installing removable magnetic window insulation gadgets will also work effectively, covering your windows with bubble wrap as well. Adding thermal curtains to your windows will also work.


Home window problems are much more common than we think. Until the windows are exposed to weather conditions, we rarely notice any issue regarding the windows, like the drafty windows, condensation, faulty windows, and many more. But when a problem comes, it always comes with one solution, and thus the home window problems can be fixed. When your windows are stuck and having problems opening and having various other issues, you always find a way to fix them.