How To Protect The Electrical Wiring Of Your House From Attic pests?

The attic is the most unfrequented area of every house, which is often dark, chilly, and unfinished. But it is not a place for a dinner party either. Amidst the storage boxes, pests like mice, rats, and bats enjoy feasting on these boxes and clothes and damaging the electrical wiring. In fact, 20{b47c626139e25f13eea12a4492fe19fde403cb1fc73796be1242225a921f30a7} of rodent infestations occur in attics. You can contact a pest control company in your area for an inspection of your house. 


How to protect the electrical wiring of your house from attic pests?


Since mice and rats are nocturnal, you may not notice their presence. Even if you do, you can not tell whether they are chewing on the wires. Mentioned below are some of the tips by which you can keep costly wiring safe throughout the years. 

  • Seal the cracks


Rodents like mice and rats are small, fast, and have sharp teeth. Once they make their path into your attic, protecting the electrical wiring becomes challenging. Rodent prevention is the only solution. You can seal the cracks of your home with spray insulation or caulk to keep away rodents from sneaking up to the floors. Do not ignore small holes; some mice can wiggle through holes as tiny as your pinky finger.

  • Use of baits


If you hear the pitter-patter sound of rodent feet, you may need to knock them out solo. You need to be swift in order to use the baits. You can place the baits right near the electrical wiring to work effectively, especially when the mice take the poisonous bait to their nest. But this solution may not work for every existing pest, you can take down the wire-gnawing creature, but there are many more to go.

  • Use rodent repellent


A nice quality mouse or rat repellent can prevent existing or future rodents from electrical wirings in your home. Spray generously around boxes and near wirings, which is crucial to keep your electrical system safe. You can get these deterrents from any local hardware store but keep in mind that they are not safe for kids or pets.

  • Capture and dispose


Sealing your home, spraying, or baiting sounds unsure, and the results are finite and unpredictable. The ideal solution is to find the root cause of the problem with professionalism and power. A team of pest control specialists can quickly eliminate such attic pests and install long-lasting protection for your attic and the house wirings. 


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