Potential Cancer-Causing Contaminants In Tap Water

Tap water is an essential part of our daily life, but what if it can also be potentially hazardous for our lives? We think just because tap water is said to be “clean” we can drink it safely, without any negative effects. But what if that’s not true?

Can Tap Water Make You Sick?

Tap water can cause a lot of diseases even when it claims to be totally safe. So what are the ways that tap water gets toxic? Some of them are:

●             Metal poisoning: This is when a metallic element that has relatively high density and is toxic even at low concentration seeps into our groundwater and causes health problems.

●             Nearby chemical plants: If you live anywhere near chemical plants or other industries, the chemicals can contaminate your drinking water.

These contaminants can cause cancer, behavioral changes in children, and even legionnaires disease. If that wasn’t enough here, it can also cause neurological damage, blue baby syndrome, giardiasis, and even sometimes indirectly lead to your death.

What Are The Chemicals In Tap Water?

Now that we know the effect, let’s find out the culprits. Some of the common chemicals found in tap water are:

●             Lead

●             Arsenic

●             Excess fluoride and copper

●             Nitrate

●             PFAS

●             Disinfection byproducts

●             Chromium-6

●             1,4-dioxane

●             Radionuclide

Before you panic and wonder if you should switch to bottled water, know that bottled water is even more harmful than tap water. Therefore, the best course of action would be to find out what chemicals affect your water system by finding out where your water comes from. After that buy and install a water filter that can filter your water against those components. Make sure to see a professional if you think you might be suffering from chemicals in your water.

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