Mark Roemer Oakland Examines the Best Architecture Schools


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, if you love to look at buildings and dream of designing the best of them, you’re probably looking into architecture schools. However, it’s a big and intimidating decision since you don’t want to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars of student debt. Let’s check out the best architecture schools.

The Schools

1. Rice University, Houston, Texas – Rice is renowned for its top-of-the-line architecture programs and has an excellent student-to-faculty ratio of 5:1. You know you’ll get personal attention when you enroll in this university. Undergraduates enroll in a six-year program at this university with the first four years spent on getting a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture design and the other two spent on a liberal arts degree.

The architecture school works closely with several other schools and departments at the university including environmental science, business, and engineering to arm you with all the practical knowledge and experience you need.  

2. Cornell University, Ithaca, New York – Cornell has one of the oldest architecture programs in the US and that has allowed it to build a giant network of alumni and accumulate rich research capabilities that students can tap into. One of the most well-known architecture graduates of Cornell is Richard Meier, who designed the iconic Getty Center in LA.

The academic structure of Cornell’s architecture program is the same for the first 3 years. In the final two years, students have the option to concentrate and specialize in:

  • Architectural Analysis.
  • Architecture, Culture, and Society.
  • Visual Representation in Architecture.
  • History of Architecture.
  • Architecture in Science and Technology.

3. Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA – If you want to be flexible, Cal Poly has multiple architecture programs and one of them would suit your interest and niche. They have one of the biggest architecture programs in the country with one in 20 architects in the US having graduated from Cal Poly. That means, you also get to connect with a wide network of alumni. This becomes very helpful when students opt for Cal Poly’s cooperative learning option and earn course credit while working a paid job in an architecture-related field.  

4. Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York – While Cornell has one of the oldest architecture schools in the US, Syracuse offered the first Bachelor of Architecture degree in the country. Due to its rich legacy and reputation, it attracts well-known architects from across the country to give lectures at the school.

Their Bachelor of Architecture degree is a five-year program that has fundamental courses in technical and structural design, concepts and skills, history and theory, and several electives in other colleges at the campus. On the other hand, the final two years are focused on self-directed research and coursework where students work with the faculty to create a specialized design research project. 


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you check out the above-mentioned architecture schools and do your own research on them before picking one. Apply to multiple schools to increase your acceptance rates and get enrolled in a school that will arm you with the knowledge to ace the Architecture Registration Exam and start working as an architect.