The Best Places to Live in Alberta

The prairie-province of western Canada, Alberta boasts stunning landscapes, enormous parks, diverse wildlife, and a high standard of living. With so many places to choose from, however, where does one begin looking for a new home? Here are five of the best places to live in Alberta that you should consider if you are seeking a part of Alberta to settle into. 

5. Sylvan Lake

Named after the lake that it sits in the southeast corner of, this vibrant lakeside town is home to a community of people with great concern for the fate of the environment. Home to about sixteen thousand people, the town becomes a tourist spot during the holiday season for seasonal recreational activities including ice fishing, winter skating, and music festivals. An ideal place for someone looking for the charm of a more rural life that still maintains a high standard of living. 

4. St. Albert

A blossoming city northwest of the population hub of Edmonton, St. Albert is a beautiful place with a reputation for being one of the healthiest cities in Canada. Cultural and entertainment opportunities are abundant, which is saying something for a small place. Macleans ranked St. Albert as the #1 Community to Live in Alberta for 2019, as well as the #1 place to raise children by Moneysense in 2017. 

3. Bonnyville

Located in east-central Alberta, Bonnyville blends the best aspects of rural living with the amenities and infrastructure of a city. It’s thought of as part of a lake district, which means there are a lot of water-based activities including swimming, boating, paddleboarding, and more. There are also excellent employment statistics there. Annual events make this town great for those looking to be immersed in a joyful and active community.

2. Lacombe 

Lacombe scores well in all the big areas people research before moving: taxes, crime, amenities, climate, and more. With a burgeoning culinary scene, central location within the parks region, and regarded as a paradise for birders, Lacombe is an excellent option for those who want the comfort of living in a more developed area, but with nature intact around them. Main Street has all the trappings of a historic downtown, with the quaintness of a 19th century village intersecting with the liveliness and rebirth of a 21st century population. 

  1. Calgary

Calgary isn’t just one of the best places to live in Alberta. It’s regarded as one of the best places to live in the world. The fourth largest city in Canada, Calgary has a long list of pros including being the cleanest city in the world, having low tax rates, gorgeous weather, reliable transport, endless opportunities to partake in outdoor sports, and safe neighborhoods. When you look into 

Calgary Homes for Sale, it’s easy to imagine making Calgary your permanent residence with the affordability of housing and access to so much culture. With endless opportunities to engage with the community and to experience life at museums, parks, and the legendary Calgary Zoo, this might just be the best bet for resettling your family or even just yourself. 

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